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The world was truly blessed when James Victor Scott was born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 17th, 1925. After 86 years, Jimmy is still performing around the world to thousands of fans. Married New Years Eve 2003 to Jean McCarthy, the two of them set off on a European tour, with stops in London, Istanbul, Paris, Austria, and Monaco.

Ray Charles describes Jimmy's singing, "This man is all about feeling. He defined what 'soul' is all about in singing long before anyone was using that word!"            

Friend and fellow musician Lou Reed about Jimmy..... "I first met Jimmy Scott through the remarkable songwriter Doc Pomus. I'd heard about him for many years. At the gathering after Doc's passing Jimmy sang. He has the voice of an angel and can break your heart. He did that day and many others.I've heard and even sung with Jimmy many times since then. Here is the singer's singer if labels mean any thing. Listening to Jimmy is like having a performing heart. The experience of life and the art of expression sing through Jimmy and make us partners in his incredible passion. I love him and I never want to say goodbye. When the song stops with Jimmy's last note we're back in the world as it was. Not quite so pretty, not quite so passionate. And we can only wait for Jimmy to sing again and take us that little bit higher."     

The late Blues Singer and Songwriter Doc Pomus, Jimmy's dear friend and champion....."Jimmy Scott can touch you in your deepest parts and even find spots that you never know you had. He sings the slow notes slower than anyone else and he has a way of bending notes that is uncanny. It's like he is trying to find out how much he can control and try a note without messing up his perfect pitch. He sings behind the beat further than anyone else ever could and every time I'm certain that he finally gets too far back, he returns somehow. His meter is always impeccable. He has a wide vibrato and the combination of his timing, pitch, and soft sweet sound gives every song a dream-like, love fantasy quality.    No one ever sings or sounds like him."